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24 season 3 episode 10

24 season 3 episode 10

Kim goes undercover in a mission that may help CTU gain a bargaining tool for Saunders.
Jack convinces Nina to i love spelling game work with him to get the virus from Michael Amador.
Jack tries to use Jane Saunders as leverage to force Saunders to surrender.
She retired in September 2017.The main cast: Elisha Cuthbert, Dennis Haysbert, Kiefer Sutherland, Reiko Aylesworth, Carlos Bernard and, james Badge Dale "To stop a weapon that has no cure.That's all well and good, but this is a comic book show.Gael Ortega finds the armed mechanism that contains the virus, but wasn't able disarm it in time.The season can essentially be broken up into two acts: The first act revolves around a complex sting operation that culminates in drug kingpin Ramon Salazar being released from prison to allow Jack Bauer to gain his trust, so that he can investigate a bioterrorist.On that note, it was almost strange how useful HR was in the episode.Chase Edmunds finds himself on the sidelines when CTU and Hector Salazar both search for Kyle Singer.At least we got some good news from the future.Tony stops Gael's interrogation and reveals that Gael is part of a secret operation.Palmer rests on Jack's hands an unbearable execution.And one of the reasons we watch comic book shows is to see our heroes battling worthy adversaries.The main antagonists in this act are Michael Amador, Ramon Salazar, Hector Salazar, and Nina Myers.See, I'm living with someone now.But maybe they'll give us a slow burn romance for a change.
Tony questions Nina about Marcus Alvers, but before she can say more, she attempts to escape.
Ramon wants to kill Jack on the way to Mexico, but learns that Jack and Hector are working together.

Los Angeles and eventually throughout the United States.Chase and Jack argue about the former's relationship with Kim.To the point where I didn't even mind his scooter or his obsession with opening Star Labs.President Palmer learns of a conflict involving one of his biggest contributors and his own brother.I still don't know why it's so important that he's faster than Barry, but he earned his credit this week.Doctors reveal a startling revelation about Kyle's health.
The Dreamed Path 2016 - dvdriP (Nov 5th).
Nina gives CTU a phone number that ends up initiating a computer worm.