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Digital monkey balkan beat box

digital monkey balkan beat box

Makom le kulam here we come (I know the dvd ripper plus 5 in 1 Digital monkey style.
That's funky, I come from middle east.Shake it down now, yes yes yes yes yes yes).Will sleep to the lancy I'm the monkey on the.All the ladies in the place make me feel.So bring the dance and leave the guns and take.Sick of the tounge people are numb.Pick it up now, pick it up now, pick it up now, pick it up now, pick it up now, shake it down now.I smoke the lala were gonna take it hal'a az smoke shachta ve yalla.I judge your style you get the flash to the fancy.I jump from tree to tree, put my track on cd with the bbb.Lets get to be done with fun (Oh).Your guns and I'll will come (Hey).You die pick it up we dance before we say bye bye (Woohoo it's the digital monkey style.Stright from the hip I come I'm like an x file.Pick it up now shake it down now.But don't belong to no country.

We pick it up we pick it up we pick it up).Makom le kulam here we come.Here we come were dropin the bomb.Shake it down now.Na na na ni na nana.We bring balagan were dropin the gun.The highest on the skala ve lala la la la la li.