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Galactic civilizations 2 updates

galactic civilizations 2 updates

Space Weapons no longer grants a Military bonus.
Temporal Mechanics cost increased from 10.
Krynn suffer a 20 penalty to labs research but gain a 20 bonus to government research Minor Races Changes to various minor races that play more into their background lore.
Starting techs changed to: Glorious History, Fusion Reactors, HyperDrive, Industrial Revolution, Stellar Cartography, Traditional Research, Capitalism and Basic Space Construction.New features include asteroid belts on the map that can be mined for resources, unique planets that require special technologies to colonize, spies to conduct sabotage and destabilization (or used to protect your worlds from the same new types of diplomatic treaties, an enhanced artificial.Various weapons rebalancing, plus much much more adjustments.While updates are standard practice these days, I still find something fundamentally delightful about developers going to patch their more ancient works).Galactic Civilizations II is a registered trademark of Stardock Entertainment.Advanced diplomacy enables players to trade, make treaties, alliances and more.Gamers must balance their economic, technological, diplomatic, cultural, and military power to forge alliances, fight wars, and ultimately dominate the galaxy.Healing Pools now requires Planetary Improvements; cost decreased from 300 to 100.Post edited December 19, 2015 by eriss).Propaganda Machine is now a special project New invasion tactic added (version of Information Warfare) Drengin suffer a 50 penalty to trade techs; and a 100 penalty to diplomatic techs Altarian Resistance Now starts game as Pacifists political party Starts with: 10 Luck (up from.This patch is not for the recently released Galactic Civilizations 3, but for the nearly ten year-old.Watch out for the Snathi!Information Warfare tech now requires Advanced Diplomacy (instead of Planetary Invasion).Empathic Tactical Center now grants a defense bonus of 25 instead of an attack bonus.Cultural Enlightenment jitbit macro recorder serial 4.71 no longer has a pre-req; moved to Pure Research.The crew here at Stardock cares a lot about our community and the games that we produce for you.
Mind Control Center moved to Concept of Malice.

Steffem "Maiden666" Jenter, MarvinKosh, Leiavoia, Frogboy and everyone else who helped out!Buffed Tier 1/2 starbase attack modules and battlestations 4; removed sat subject tests books Singularity Armor.Superior multi-threaded artificial intelligence enables computer players to provide a challenge without does powerdvd 8 play blu ray having to cheat.Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor: The year is 2227 and the fire of war is consuming the galaxy thanks to the manipulations of the evil Dread Lords.Economic Direction Unit bonus reduced from 50.Ultra Spices now requires Extreme Entertainment instead of Xeno Cultural Trends.See the Progressive Changelog for more.
It also greatly expands the game play of Galactic Civilizations.